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Horizon Auto Loans - Most Frequently Asked Questions on Car Loans

Do you provide services for poor credit or no credit?
Yes, See Bad Credit Auto Loans

Does your auto loan services include commercial fleet vehicle purchases?

Do you only provide loan services for businesses?
No, We provide car loan services for individuals as well. In fact, the largest part of our auto loan applicants are individuals needing either a new car loan or a used car loan.

Do you offer a vehicle refinancing service?
At this time, auto refinancing services are not offered.

I don't have any credit, can I still apply?
Yes, there are many programs which are designed for first time auto buyers who have no credit. These special car loan programs do include down payment assistance programs. Utilizing these programs will help first time buyers to begin establishing auto credit.

I just filed bankruptcy, can I still qualify?
All bankruptcies must be dismissed or discharged. Once your bankruptcy is discharged, you may qualify for auto loans or bad credit car loans.

Do you provide private party purchase services?
No we do not. If you are looking for auto financing for this type of loan, you may want to consider a personal loan.

Will I need a co-signer for an auto loan approval?
Every situation is different, but if your budget shows excess money which can support an auto loan payment you may qualify without a co-signer. Many first time buyers are able to obtain car loans without a co-signer as well.

Do you charge a fee for a pre-approval?
No, applying online is absolutely free and there are no hidden fees or other charges for your pre-approval.

What type of vehicles are your services for?
New and used cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles.

How do I apply?
Go to our online application and select whether you need an individual or commercial auto loan. Once you make the selection, you will be transferred to a secure server.